• O.N.J.N. requirements after connecting online the slot machines;
  • Extended and customized reports of slot machines;
  • Multiple backups of accounting data;
  • Printing of status in standard format (SIZ, SIL);
  • Effective management of slot machines, electronic roulette;
  • Real-time status of casino / game floor.

  • Real-time monitoring of slot machines;
  • Transmission of alerts for special events;
  • Multiple backup of events;
  • Personalization to display certain events;
  • Graphics that reflect the state slot machines;
  • User-friendly interface.

  • Can connect to any type of slot machines;
  • Optional Smart or Mystery Jackpot;
  • Local or global "wide area" functioning;
  • Settable frequency values ​​of win (4-6 levels);
  • Display custom messages;
  • Happy Hour and custom animation.

  • Based on RFID technology;
  • Variety of bonus options for players;
  • Real-time view of business players;
  • Status of the most loyal players;
  • Unique player profiles;
  • Optimizing advertising expenses.

SlotSys (CMS) is a system for monitoring and managing gaming halls and casinos that provides upon request all necessary and related to the information from the slot machines.

Connecting / connection between game machines and central monitoring server is provided by 21st century technology, communication via Internet, providing increasingly lower prices and in the best conditions, the transmission of data / information.

The hardware structure of the SlotSys system (CMS) enables data acquisition in an intelligent manner, digital or analogue, from any board game.

The monitoring and intelligent control of slot machines is accomplished through user-friendly application, installed on the central server (PC) in the ownership and total control of the organizer of gambling.

The central server is at the headquarters of the organizer, it hass multi-user options, configurable as username and passwords managed by each individual organizer.

Each user can access the system on an iPhone or/and tablet, with username and password giving access to the central server (PC).

The SlotSys modular system can see the situation of all slot machines in operation, which helps you get easy control and accurate assessment of the entire business so you will be able to effectively manage everything that happens in real time, on the games or casino floor.

SlotSys system architecture includes: Accounting (AccSys) Events (EventSys), Jackpot (JackSys) and activity of players (TrackSys).

SIZ, SIL and other custom reports and events about the intakes and events of the slot machines are offered in standard format and saved in the database located on the central server of the organizer.

Slot machines managed by SlotSys system will become more attractive for players and more profitable for the organizer through the Jackpot module (JackSys). Its options are: local Jackpot and global Jackpot (wide-area).

At the same time, this modular system helps identify and provide superior service to motivate your loyal players.